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Updated: May 10

Ahh. It's that time of the year - interview week. The week you've been working toward your whole life. Am I right or am I right?

Just thinking about all of your possible interviews isn't enough - you need to prepare. And then you need to prepare again. And again. And again.

Now, this is where I come in.

I was fortunate to complete 3 interviews: multi mini interview, traditional interview, and a full day assessment. Since each program is different, I used different techniques to prepare for each one. In today's article, I'll share some things I did to prepare for my interviews - ones that you can do too.

I'm no interview expert, but I do have some valuable insight I can share with you that may help.

Remember, all of these tips are from my personal experience and I’m reflecting on what worked for me. Everyone is different and you each have specific strengths to bring to your interviews. At the very least, you can use this as inspiration.

5 Tips for your dietetic internship interview

1. Read the internship brochure.

You've read this 100 times when working on your applications - I know. BUT, review it before your interview to make sure you're catering your skills to that program. I remember being in that position and wanting nothing more than the internship, so prove it to the interview panel and know the program you've applied for.

2. Read over your cover letter for that program.

You probably have this memorized since you've submitted your application! Reading over your cover letter will help you remember what skills you showcased in your application. Now, think about what you didn't highlight in your cover letter but want the interviewers to know. Let these thoughts out on paper - or better yet, speak to your wall! ha. It sounds silly but it helps you prepare how you're going to say what.

3. Prep answers to general interview questions.

Even if you're not asked every general interview question, writing down and developing an answer to these will help you reflect on your self and know your self more for the interview. What are your strengths? weaknesses? Self-reflection was key for me in preparing for interviews. While completing my interviews, I had the opportunity to relate the question/scenario back to my personal experiences because I reflected often. Remember, every person is different and this is what I found worked for me.

4. Prep answers to questions related to dietetics.

We never know what will be asked in interviews so there is no way to be 100% prepared, but researching common dietetic related questions and developing answers to such questions will help you better answer the real ones in the real interview!

5. Don't be afraid to be personable.

As I mentioned in my internship application blog article, if you have a story - tell it! Your passion for dietetics stems from somewhere. Don't be afraid to tell your story. This will help you stand out.

Think you can and you're half way there. You made it to this point for a reason - so don't be afraid to tell more of your story!

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