5 Easy & Sustainable Healthy Eating Habits

Ahh, the new year! I have faith that you've already started your new year off right, so I thought I'd come along to send you a little reminder - to keep going!

Here are 5 sustainable, realistic healthy eating habits you can practice in your new year to last for the rest of your life. Remember, healthy eating is a lifestyle that takes time, patience, and determination and most definitely leads to happiness!

5 Healthy Eating Habits I Practice, that you can do too, for a Healthy Lifestyle

1. Add at least one veggie dish to your main meal

We should strive for half of our plate to be veggies! For some, that may be a big change. Adding a veggie dish will help you feel more energized and overall, good! Add roasted veggies or steamed to your dinner of a grilled chicken sandwitch, salmon, or burger.

2. Buy frozen veggies

I know fresh fruits and veggies can be expensive. If you're on a tight budget (like many of us students are), frozen veggies cost less and still give you the vitamins and minerals you need. Buy frozen broccoli and roast with seasonings, green string beans to steam, mixed medley for a stir fry. The list goes on! This will make the first tip easy to accomplish :)

3. Aim for balance

Don't feel guilty about eating some treats here and there - restriction makes us want to eat those foods even more than ever before. Believe me - I've been there, done that. Restriction of any food, esp the ones we love most, sometimes sets us up for failure. When we feel like we've failed, we may feel discouraged and it may be hard to try again. If you know you're going out to eat that night, or you're going to have a not so "high nutrient quality" (ex:processed foods) meal that day, eat whole foods high in nutrients for the rest of the day, and add a nutrient dense food to your meal (again, veggies).

4. Drink more water

So simple, so easy, right? But do you do it? Did you know water is one of the 6 nutrients? Yup! - carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals, and last but not least - H2O! Take a water bottle to school or work and have a goal to finish one full one before lunch, and at least one after lunch. You don't have to get caught up in marking your water bottle with lines and times; just drink the water!

5. Replace sugary drinks with water at meal times.

Again, hydration. You may be someone who loves drinking juice, soda, or other sugary drinks during meal times, and this may be a big change for you! So I say, decrease the amount you drink - first, only fill your glass up half way and also drink a full glass of water with that. Eventually, you'll get used to drinking water more so than low nutrient dense beverages. Or, water down your juice - fill your cup with half water and half juice (it may sound weird, but this is what I do whenever I'm feeling like having a glass of juice and it totally works!). Listen, these tips are coming from someone who couldn't imagine drinking a coffee that wasn't a double-double, so change is possible! Slow steps, small changes, makes big change happen!

There are so many more tips I would love to leave you with! Strive for a happier, healthier YOU this year - make sustainable lifestyle changes.

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