How to meal prep: A guide for busy students

Updated: May 10

Are you always crammed for time and wishing we had more hours in the day? You're running from classes to meetings to work to volunteering to the gym and can't find the time to sit down to enjoy a nice meal? Well, sit back and relax - I have some meal prep tips for you so that you can sit down and enjoy your lunch.

Meal prepping looks different for everyone! Here are 3 steps to help make your meal prepping and planing successful! Get your yummy lunch in your tummy!

1. Write a meal list

Write down a bunch of foods you love to eat (for example: sweet potatoes, rice, pasta, tomato, salads, bread, anything!) Now, think of some meal ideas for your meal list - mix and match ingredients that you love, creating your own meal. For example, I may have a salad, roasted veggies such as carrots, broccoli, and bell peppers; or some pasta with a delicious tomato pesto sauce with a variety of veggies and grilled chicken breast. I'd pair it with a piece of fruit and voila! we have ourselves a balanced, super yummy, meal.

Check out my meal list for some quick and easy meal ideas you can prep for. busy day and store in Tupperware:

- Roasted veggies: chop and roast sweet and white potatoes, carrots, fresh broccoli, and onions with olive oil, vegetable spice, salt and pepper for 45 mins @ 350F

- Tuna sandwich: mix canned white tuna with mayonnaise, red onion, bell peppers, and place on multigrain bread with grated cheddar cheese!

- Salad: lettuce, avocado, cucumber, tomato, bell peppers, salt, pepper, and olive oil and lemon juice for the dressing

-Quick wrap: whole wheat tortilla wrap with hummus, tomatoes, cucumber, banana peppers, bell peppers, canned rinsed mixed beans, lettuce, and grated cheddar.

2. Write a grocery list

It makes a big difference when you're prepared for the grocery store! I personally love grocery shopping. For those who aren't the grocery shopper fanatic (like my self) a grocery list will help you grocery shop in a timely fashion. When writing your grocery list include foods needed to make your meals for the week (like the meals you just wrote in your meal list) - and stick to your list!

Here's what my grocery cart usually looked like! My first trip in the new year!

3. Prep lunches & snacks

Whether it's on Sunday night or early mornings, or both! prepping your snacks and lunch for your busy day will help you get through your busy day! A typical lunch for me would be: a salad, roasted veggies, and sandwhich (My lunch contains a source of carb and protein to keep me full and energized until dinner time). A typical snack would be yogurt with fresh berries and a banana or an apple, homemade granola bar, or energy bites.

How to prep your meals:

You can prep your meals that you'd like to eat throughout the week on Sunday night. If you like eating pasta, you can make bulk pasta, pasta sauce, and store this in Tupperware containers. In the morning before class, grad you pasta and sauce! There's your lunch. Easy Peasy right? Well, it does take a lot of work on Sunday night to meal prep, but you thank you self every day.

Now if you don't want to eat pasta for ever lunch, make half pasta and another meal such as a sandwich. I make my tuna mixture on Sunday and make sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday mornings before class. You can too!

How to prep your snacks:

A healthy snack can be an apple, banana, orange, or any other fruit you can grab on the go! It's so easy to grab and place in your bag in the mornings.

You can also prepare your snacks on Sundays - wash your fruit Sunday night to save you time in the mornings. You can also put hummus in a Tupperware and have some fresh veggies or pitta bread with it for a snack.

If you're meal prepping for the first time and you find it hard to prep meals, prep your snacks! Change takes time and prepping snacks is just as important as meals. Once you feel like you have time, prep your meals. I love Sunday nights because they're relaxing - I cook and prepare for my week.

Good luck with your meal prepping and planning! Let me know in the comments how you meal prep!

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