Pen+Paper+Homesickness+Burnt Food = My Meal List

Updated: May 10

You know what they say, a family who eats together stays together.

If you live away from home, you know that nothing beats your family's home cooked meals. Am I right, or am I right?

My favorite thing about travelling home for any holiday is the food that I get to eat (Just kidding family, of course the best part is being able to see you.)

A family dinner isn't just a family dinner during my visit back home - it's a family feast; which usually includes conversations about what we will have for our next meal. I’m usually well prepared for meal suggests - thanks to my dandy little meal list.

What’s a meal list, you ask?

meal list

/Meal list/


A (very) long list of your favourite meals that you eat whenever you visit your family at home.

"I will send you my meal list tomorrow so you can prepare for the yummy meals we will eat together.”

You can make your own meal list. All you need is paper and a pen, a little homesick-ness... and usually some leftover burnt food you just tried to cook.

Whether I visit my siblings in the city or my parents in a snow-filled rural community, they are always prepared for the ‘meal list’. That's the list I send about 1 month prior to my departure - the list that includes all of the meals I just can't master on my own.

My 2017 Meal List:

  • Salt cod fish Traditional Newfoundland dish, caught, salted, dried, and cooked by my dad, a true Newfoundlander.

It has always been a tradition - catching cod fish from the ocean in my backyard and my dad salting and drying the fish to eat every winter. The salt fish is served with bread toasted in the oven and a cup of tea.

  • Homemade Soup My parents make the best homemade turkey soup. Even though I've tried many times, I can never get it right

Like many of my family's dishes, the vegetables are harvested from my dads garden. Dad's tip: Turkey necks make the best soup.

  • Béchamel pasta My sister-in-law makes a wonderful pasta, ground beef, and béchamel sauce dish that never tastes the same when I try to make it.

There are many recipes to find online for béchamel pasta, but my sister-in-law's béchamel is like no other - it is the creamiest sauce with the perfect amount of sweet and salty flavour, layered to perfection.

  • Kushari A pasta, rice, tomatoe sauce and fried onion masterpiece.

Yet another dish my sister-in-law cooks to perfection. This Egyptian dish is a mixture of pasta, rice, and lentils that is covered in tomato sauce and crispy fried onions.

  • Homemade pizza The best multigrain crust topped with the perfect veggies made by my brother.

I'm usually the cheese grater for the pizza. I give my brother credit for his famous, unforgettable, multigrain crust. Pizza isn't just enjoyable to eat together, but we always have fun making it together too.

  • Kabsa A Saudi Arabian dish of chicken and rice infused with yummy spices.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around how my brother and sister-in-law perfect it every time. The chicken is juicy, the rice is colourful, and it's all made in one pot! I've yet to try to make this dish, but I know the first time I do, I'll be making a lot of phone calls.

  • Sunday dinner My all-time favourite meal to eat when I come back home. If you visit Newfoundland, you need to put this on your meal list too.

A plate filled with mashed potatoes, turnip, carrots, bread pudding, cabbage and roasted meat is the best thing you will eat once toped with the very best homemade gravy. I may be bias, but my family's cooked dinner is the best - the vegetables boiled with salt beef are harvested right from my dads garden. There's nothing like home grown veggies!

Surprisingly, my meal list this year hasn't been extensively long like previous years. I guess you could say I'm getting better at mastering my family's cooking. Though, I'm sure my older siblings would tease and disagree. (You know you're the younger sibling when).

Next time you visit home, don't forget your meal list! It's a game changer, believe me.

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